The Institute has a set of characterisation techniques, grouped within 8 instrumental poles constituting the advanced characterisation platform. This platform is recognised nationally and internationally for the high technicality of its instruments as well as for the expertise and know-how of the Researchers, Teacher-Researchers and Engineers working on them. Some of the platform’s instrumental centres have been awarded the national “Research Infrastructure” label. They also constitute a privileged place for methodological and/or technological developments and favour the convergence of numerous collaborative research works.

The Chevreul Institute also has an engineering technology platform for chemistry and materials. This platform is made up of 5 instrumental poles and is intended to develop research collaborations and services related to the “Chemistry and Materials” theme. It is based on one of the most high-performance instruments on the market, combined with internationally recognised expertise and scientific support. The scientific specificity of this technological platform lies in the great diversity and complementarity of the tools it offers for research and services in the fields of Chemistry and Materials.

These two platforms are part of the platforms labeled in 2020 by the University of Lille.