article publié le 11 November 2020

A new Multi-Anvil press for the “High Pressure Lab” of the Institut Chevreul

Thanks to the CPER ARCHI-CM grant, the “High Pressure Lab” of the Institut Michel-Eugène Chevreul installed a new multi-anvil press. The apparatus can be used to generate pressure and temperature conditions up to 26 GPa and 2000°C on millimeter size samples. The 1000-tons frame was built by the Société Savoisienne de Vérins Hydrauliques. Samples will be placed into a Walker module and heating elements from Voggenreiter.

New Multi-Anvil press for the "High Pressure Lab" of the Institut Chevreul

Multi-anvil presses are useful for a range of applications, synthesis of new materials, study of phase diagrams and melting curves, phase transformations, measurements of elastic or electrical properties, etc. The instrument will be used for the study of Earth’s mantle minerals by the Earth and Planetary Materials Team at UMET, the synthesis of new materials in the team of Solid State Chemistry at UCCS, or new compounds for the team on Therapeutic and Molecular Materials at UMET.

Contacts: Julien Chantel, Nadège Hilairet, Angel Arevalo-Lopez, Sébastien Merkel

This device was financed by the CPER ARCHI-CM and the ANR AMANTS projects.

The ARCHI-CM project is managed by the Institut Chevreul and financed by the local Regional Government, the European Union, the French State, and CNRS.